Shareholder benefits
– Shareholder benefits –

Shareholder benefits

SIKI Co., Ltd. is grateful to our shareholders for their support and offers stock benefits to help them understand the services they provide.

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・ Shareholders eligible for shareholder benefits

Shareholders holding one or more shares as of the end of July every year.

  • [Holding 1-29 shares]
    “GALLEIDO ONLINE STORE” points worth 500 yen will be awarded.
  • [Holding 30-49 shares]
    2,000 yen worth of points for “GALLEIDO ONLINE STORE” will be awarded.
  • [Holding 50 shares or more]
    “GALLEIDO ONLINE STORE” points worth 2,000 yen + original product gifts worth 5,000 yen

Points will be awarded from the membership registration of GALLEIDO ONLINE STORE.
Please note that points cannot be awarded to shareholders who do not have membership registration.